2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Re-manufactured Toyota HD Radio CD Player Gracenote Bluetooth OEM

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=> Used, in excellent condition!
=> 90 Day Warranty!
=> Tested, 100% working condition!
=> Buttons, illumations, knobs, and LCD all work perfectly
=> Satellite Ready! (Requires compatible satellite receiver and antenna)
=> Gracenote Bluetooth Ready!

Interchangeable Part Numbers: 86140-0R100, 86140-42200, 86140-0R180, 86140-42460
Interchangeable Faceplate IDs: 100326, 100325, 100582, 100574


Alternative Units:*



86140-0R100, 86140-42200, 86140-0R020, 86100-42240, 86804-42100, 86804-0R010, 86100-0R060, 86100-42231, 86100-42230, 86100-0R101, 86100-42241, 86804-0R010, 86100-0R060, 86100-42240, 86804-42100, 86100-42231, 86100-42230, 86140-0R090, 86140-42190, 86140-42010, 86140-0R010, 86140-0R020


*These units are compatible alternative options. You may lose or gain some features but will be an alternative options to the listed unit. Please read thoroughly before purchasing. If you have any questions please contact us.


Will Fit and Work in:
2013 – 2017 Toyota RAV4

PLEASE NOTE: Compatibility is only guaranteed if you are matching the part number with the unit you are replacing. If you do not match the part number with the unit you are replacing there is no guarantee that it will be compatible in your vehicle. Please call if you have questions: 952-707-6200 or 952-707-6200

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