Honda/Acura Navigation Reset

In an Acura or Honda vehicle, if you ever put a navigation map disc that is an older version than the last version that was installed in your vehicle it will not work for you. One way to get around this is to reset your navigation system. This will uninstall the current maps that are installed on the system. Once you reboot after this it will install from scratch the map version that is on the disc currently in the system.

Occasionally, Honda/Acura navigation systems will exhibit other issues, resetting your navigation system and reinstalling the software from scratch will sometimes fix these issues. Follow the procedure below to reinstall the navigation system from scratch:

- Go to the diagnostics menu by pressing and holding MENU, SETUP, and CANCEL simultaneously for 5 seconds.

- Select the VERSION tab.

- Now press DOWNLOAD, this will initiate the download of whichever version is on the disc that is currently in the DVD drive.

- Once the disc is done loading, the system will boot into the Diagostic mode again.

- Hold the Map/Guide button for 5-10 seconds.

- A screen with a "Complete" button will appear.

- Touch "Complete" and then "Return". The system may reboot.

- Restart the vehicle, and verify it is working correctly.


Some vehicles use a very similar procedure but with a different combination of buttons, please see below for vehicle specifics:

- 2005 ACURA MDX, the buttons that should be pressed are: MENU, MAP/GUIDE, and CANCEL. A button labeled DISC LOAD will appear in the diagnostics menu instead of DOWNLOAD.


If your Honda/Acura navigation goes to this diagnostic screen every time it boots, follow these steps to fix it:

  • Hold down the Menu+Map/Guide+Cancel buttons for about 5 seconds (the "Select Diagnosis Items" screen will appear).
  • Hold down the Map/Guide button for 5-10 seconds (A screen with a "Complete" button, will appear).
  • Touch "Complete," and then the "Return" button (the system may re-boot).
  • Restart the vehicle, and confirm normal operation