Repairing your radio is MUCH cheaper than replacing the radio. Especially if you have a vehicle made by GM that is newer than 2000. Anything 2000+ requires reprogramming if you replace the radio, but repairing your radio bypasses this.


  • Brand New Mechanism!
  • 90 Day Warranty!
  • 24 Hour Turnaround!
  • 1CD, 6CD, DVD or Nav!
  • We replace worn buttons and knobs!
  • Lights out? We fix that!
  • Display out? We can fix some models.


We can repair a wide variaty of radios, and have compiled a list with pricing below. If your radio is NOT on the list, it does not mean that we can't fix it. Give us a call at 952-707-6200 if you don't see your car model.

If you want to send your radio in for repair, please follow this ink to the repair form.