2012 - 2015 Ford OEM Sync 2 APIM Receiver Module W/ NAVIGATION

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  • 2012 - 2015 Ford OEM Sync 2 APIM Receiver Module W/ NAVIGATION
  • 2012 - 2015 Ford OEM Sync 2 APIM Receiver Module W/ NAVIGATION
  • 2012 - 2015 Ford OEM Sync 2 APIM Receiver Module W/ NAVIGATION
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=> 90 Day Warranty**
=> Like new condition
=> Tested, 100% working!
=> Genuine OEM Ford Sync Radio Module
=> These are Navigation models!**

** Please give us a call before ordering. If your vehicle did not originally come with Navigation, this may not work for you.

WARNING: Warranty will be void if current navigation programming is lost or changed. Must already have navigation. You may need to have this module programmed to your vin. If your vehicle did not origianlly come equipped with navigation, programming this navigation model to according to your vin will result in loss of navigation program and VOID your warranty. NO RETURNS accepted in modules that have lost the navigation option.

Radio Block Module:

BACK: EA5T-14D212-DA, DA5T-14D212-KA, DA5T-14D212-RB, DA5T-14D212-AL, DM5T-14D212-AD, DA5T-14D212-AD, BT4T-14D212-AJ, BT4T-14D212-AH, BT4T-14D212-BM, BT4T-14D212-BS, BT4T-14D212-BV, BM5T-14D212-JJ, EA5T-14D212-BA, DJ5T-14F239-DA, DB5T-14F239-AL, DB5T-14F239-AK, ES7T-14D212-DA

FRONT: DM5T-14F239-AF, DM5T-14F239-AL, DC3T-14F239-AM, DM5T-14F239-AL, DL3T-14F239-AP, DL3T-14F239-ANDM5T-14F239-AM, DM5T-14F239-AJ, DT4T-14F239-AG, BT4T-14F239-CH, BT4T-14F239-CJ, BT4T-14F239-CR, BT4T-14F239-CS, BT4T-14F239-CU, CT4T-14239-AB, DT4T-14F239-AD, DT4T-14F239-AK, DT4T-14F239-AJ, DT4T-14F239-AL, DS7T-14F239-BR, DS7T-14F239-BP, DS7T-14F239-BM, BT4T-14F239-CV, BA8T-14F239-BS, FL3T-14F239-CE, FL7T-14F239-CE, 

Will Fit and Work In:
2015 - 2016 Ford C-Max
2014 - 2016 Ford Edge
2012 - 2015 Ford Escape
2015 - 2016 Ford Expedition
2013 - 2016 Ford Explorer
2013 - 2016 Ford F150
2015 - 2016 Ford Fiesta
2015 - 2016 Ford Focus
2013 - 2016 Ford Fusion
2015 - 2016 Ford Mustang
2014 - 2015 Ford Transit
2013 - 2015 Lincoln MKS
2014 - 2015 Lincoln MKX
2014 - 2015 Lincoln MKZ
2015 - 2016 Lincoln Navigator

PLEASE NOTE: Compatibility is only guaranteed if you are matching the part number with the unit you are replacing. If you do not match the part number with the unit you are replacing there is no guarantee that it will be compatible in your vehicle. Please call if you have questions: 952-707-6200 or 214-575-5132

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Additional Information

Interchange Part No.:
FL3T-14F239-CE, FL7T-14F239-CE, DA5T-14D212-AA, DA5T-14D212-AB, DA5T-14D212-AC, DA5T-14D212-AD, DA5T-14D212-AE, DA5T-14D212-AF, DA5T-14D212-AG, DA5T-14D212-AH, DA5T-14D212-AJ, DA5T-14D212-AK, DA5T-14D212-AL, DA5T-14D212-AM
Interchange Part No.:
DA5T-14D212-AN, DA5T-14D212-AP, DA5T-14D212-KA, DT4T-14F239-AG
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